Jayne Kennedy


Sometimes the “beautiful people” we see on TV turn out to be really not the nicest people when you meet them in public.  That could never be said about Jayne Kennedy, who was a sports reporter for The NFL Today when I met her in the baggage claim area of United Airlines at LAX.  Jayne was also very charming.  My opinion may be a bit skewed because in my high school days I dated a girl who was a lot taller than I am.  While my old girlfriend and Jayne Kennedy were not nearly twins, they had other very similar attributes that had me bordering on “enamoured”. 

Jayne’s marriage to Leon Issac Kennedy in 1970 had Smokey Robinson as the best man.  She also made exercise videos in the early ’80’s and had contracts with Coca Cola’s Tab and Diet Coke.  The former Miss Ohio was also on the cover of Ebony and Jet magazines, and was even the first black woman to be on the cover of Playboy magazine. 

I had to keep telling myself that this picture was part of a collection for my mom, who really didn’t know a lot about sports even though she did watch a lot of TV.  Miss Kennedy has for the most part dropped out of the public eye since the 1990’s, but has done work for the Children’s Miracle Network and Christian Television Network shows.  To me, beautiful outside and in, and a bit more than just a celebrity I’ve met.


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