Jay Johnson

Anyone who watched the situation comedy “Soap” will remember Jay Johnson as Chuck Campbell, the ventriloquist who had no control of what Bob, his wooden dummy would say.  I caught up to Jay outside of the baggage area at LAX where I am seen here as the dummy in the picture (not a far stretch for those who know me well).

The brief conversation we shared had me telling him that I did indeed learn ventriloquism, but never did go anywhere with it.  He told me that whenever he traveled with Bob, who was too shy to come out of his suitcase on Jay’s right hand when the picture was taken, he always kept Bob as his carry-on luggage.  Jay said that it didn’t matter if they lost whatever else he had, but, losing Bob would be out of the question.

Again, another example of just a single meeting with a celebrity who was very genuine, friendly, and polite.  I was a bit disappointed that Bob didn’t want to have his picture taken, but it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that after a long flight, I’m sure the dummy wasn’t in the best of moods.


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