Harvey Korman-Updated

In the baggage claim area of United Airlines at LAX after a flight from Hawaii, I met Harvey Korman.  I actually met up with him closer to the gates, but he wanted to be sure he got a good spot to get his bags, so he asked me to wait until we got to the claim area before allowing me to take the picture.

Best known for doing his best to keep a straight face while around Tim Conway on the Carol Burnett Show, many also remember him as Hedly Lamarr in the Mel Brooks classic film “Blazing Saddles”.  This is the only time that I met him, and was a bit disappointed that I never did meet his comic nemesis, Tim Conway.   I’m sure even in the baggage area of LAX, there would have been no stopping Tim from trying to bust up Harvey, and everyone else.

In February of 2008 Harvey suffered a abdominal aortic aneurysm that sent him to the hospital for several major operations.  On Thursday May 29, 2008 Harvey Korman passed away from the complications of that rupture.  I was driving home from work when I heard the sad news and pounded my steering wheel and said to my windshield, “Damn, Harvey.  I’m going to miss ya.”  Heaven just got a lot funnier.

There’s another interesting thing about this picture that I haven’t been able to verify.  Some people that have seen it say that they thought I got a double capture here.  It’s been said that the boy in the baseball cap in the background may just be Ike Eisenmann, who here was recognized because played Tony in Escape to Witch Mountain and Return from Witch Mountain.  Ike has also been in many TV shows like CHiPs, Wonder Woman, Fantasy Island, and the Jeffersons, and in the movie Star Trek II, The Wrath Of Kahn.  It would be cool to verify that it’s Ike before “Race To Witch Mountain” comes out in 2009. 

Celebrities I’ve Met Podcast – Harvey Korman 


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