Gail Fisher

Always a fan of detective shows, I noticed Gail Fisher, the secretary from Mannix without any trouble at all.  She was a very pleasant woman.  But here, I’m really not sure who, in the long run, was the bigger celebrity.  You see, the skycap that standing to Gail’s left is Owen Ellis.  Whenever there was anyone special or important around, so was Owen.  Even more so, many frequent fliers, famous or not always asked about him or talked with him.  No disrespect to Gail Fisher, who was really thrilled to have her picture taken, she was the one who insisted that it be taken with her favorite skycap, Owen.  In the long run, how you treat the people that you come across in life is what makes everyone’s life more special.  It’s what customer service is all about.  People remember that.  A lesson I’ve kept with me.


One Response to Gail Fisher

  1. Jake says:

    I don’t understand.

    The photo is dated 2008 and she died in 2000 ??

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