Brian Keith

Brian Keith 

Sadly, this has to go in my list of celebrities as one of the more horrible experiences ever.  However, after looking on the Internet for a photo, I did find an explanation of why it was so, and I’ll explain later.

Brian Keith came through the airport ticketing area and was late for a flight.  They weren’t holding the plane for him.  I’ve seen the airline do that for others.  I know it’s bad to speak ill of the dead, but I have to say what I saw, no  disrespect intended.  He was so bad, that had I had a weapon, based on his behavior, I probably would have shot him.

  He was to say the least, irate.  Angry, furious, basically out of control, because he was late.  When I offered my assistance to get him through the crowded airport, he not only declined, he shoved me away.  After composing myself, I got on the radio and called ahead to the gate to let them know what happened and where he was headed.  I guess he made it there ok, because I never heard back.

 As for the explanation of his behavior, it seems as though he was bon in a very tough part of New Jersey in Byonne.  I don’t mean to give Bayonne a bad reputation, because I was raised in NJ myself.  I just know that if the same streets that raised the likes of the Bayonne Bleeder Chuck Wepner, they certainly can turn Brian Keith into an angry old cuss.  To add to that, I did remember seeing him on a TV interview saying that he had just been on the set of a made for TV movie (which may have turned out to be an episode of Hardcastle and McCormick)that featured him playing the character of a man enraged and dealing with alcholism after the death of his daughter.  My guess after hearing that is Brian Keith was simply method acting, simply becoming the character in his real life in preperation for the role.  The only bad part about that part of the explanation is that I never did see the episode of the TV movie, or see that episode of the show to see if it were true.  Then again, he could have just been an angry old cuss.


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