Audrey and Judy Landers


Out of all the celebrities I met, no one person has made such a dramatic difference in my life.  Meeting Judy Landers did that for me.

I met Audrey and Judy a few times while working at LAX, and the first time I did, speaking with Audrey, who played Fallon on Dallas, was indeed a joy.  She was very friendly, approachable, and even in a short time spent together, you could tell she was not only gorgeous, but very intelligent.

 On the other hand, Judy, who played Stacks on BJ and The Bear, was soooooooooooo stupid, she could have used a cue card just to say hello!

As a result, at that point, I decided that I hate blondes.  I can’t look at a blonde without remembering Judy Landers.  I thought the “dumb blonde” act was just that until I met her…more than once coming away with the same results.

Now I’m sure there are millions of really wonderful blondes out there, and that’s fine.  But a security guard’s job is to observe and report.  I did, and this is the report I filed.


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