Dr. Art Ulene

March 5, 2007


I met Dr. Ulene while he was at the ABC Prospect lot in Hollywood, but this picture was taken about 5 years later when he was traveling through the Los Angeles Interantional Airport.  LAX was under construction during the time this picture was taken, that’s why it’s looks so dark and dreary.  However, Dr. Ulene, is a star, after all, and he showed up very nicely.

I must say, I’m sure he didn’t remember me from being on the ABC lot years earlier, but he was on this one night that I saw him, very cordial and polite.  I’m not sure what he’s doing now but, as celebrities go, he was one of the nicest I met.

Ed Asner

March 5, 2007


I met Ed Asner at LAX in the wee hours of the morning.  He was showing up early for a morning flight to NYC.  We actually talked for quite some time while I was watching over the ticketing area.  Now, other’s may see the gruff, angry Lou Grant and other harsh characters that he has portrayed over the years, but to me I will always see Ed as a very intelligent, well spoken, friendly, gentleman.  Only because he’s most well known for his time on the Mary Tyler Moore Show, I can understand why the rest of the cast and he were in tears at the end of the series.  I shared just a short time with him, but his demeanor and candid conversation to a stranger was very heart warming.

Since this was more than 25 years ago, I doubt that Ed would remember that morning conversation with me, and now I can’t quite remember all that we discussed.  When you think of how many celebrities there are in the world as compared to “regular” folk, then think about how many of those stars are said to be on in a million…Ed Asner is one of those million.