Kate Jackson


Eventually I wound up back in Hollywood.  What happened was I got a call from Ken Marks saying he wanted to team up for a morning show in Chino, CA.  I found myself jumping on a plane to rush out there, and then the job fell through.  I found myself back in the security guard business again.

One of the posts I had during 1981 was at the Max Factor Building on Hollywood Blvd.  Since Kate Jackson was one of their models, I actually got to see her a number of times in the lobby of the building.  I never did get her autograph, never did take her picture, but I saw her enough times that she eventually knew me by name.  For the young man that I was at the time, that was more than enough for me.

For all the interactions that we had, I’d have to say it was pleasant but not overly friendly.  She was very much a lady…and me…well…I was the security guard.  I’m sure that a couple of days after I left the post she forgot my name and probably wouldn’t even remember meeting me.  But why would she?  My name is not Charlie.  🙂


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