Chuck Wagon commercial Dog


Another day posted at the Max Factor Building I met a celebrity that would have never dreamed I would ever run across.

It was late in the day when an old man came into the lobby of the building with a small dog.  I started out by reminding him that animals were not allowed in the building.  The old man told me that this wasn’t just a dog, but he was a true celebrity.  He said his dog was the very same dog that scampered through the house and into the cabinet under the kitchen sink in the Chuck Wagon dog food commercials.  The old man told me, for all the money the dog has made, WE are the ones that should be on leashes.

I did indeed recognize the dog from the commercials and was able to get a picture of him.   You’ll have to remember that this picture was taken in 1981, and at that point the commercial was old.  I’m sure they have used another dog for the commercial by now.  Like I mentioned, I never dreamed I would have met this particular celebrity.  That is the legs of the dog’s owner in the background.


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