Chip Carter


James “Chip” Carter III, as shown here in a picture from 2001 was campaigning for his father Jimmy Carter in 1980 when he came by the radio station I worked at in Long Branch, NJ.

My guess is that this was one of those “whistle stops”, because the amount of time he spent with us was less then the time it takes to pucker up and whistle. 

None the less, I vividly remember noting that his smile was just as big as his dad’s and I could also recall that he definitely bore a family resemblence.

As I recall, I may have indeed voted for Chip’s dad that election year, but meeting someone like that now could never sway my vote.  Primarily because I don’t vote.  Every time I’ve put myself in for a vote, I also wound up on jury duty.  Ever since I started paying child support, I can’t afford to pay anything else.  Not that I have anything against paying the child support, or for that matte, I don’t have any specific voting habbit.  It’s just I can’t take the risk of losing the money.


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