Members of the group: Livin’ Proof


When I first met Vernon Bullock, Stephen Rice, and Sterling Rice I was again at my post at the ABC Recording Studios.  I saw them a different times, and I thought they looked awful young to be recording…I just figured they were helping out someone else with equipment or something.

Then after a while I heard the music coming from upstairs.  Regardless of the fact that the time this all happened was in the middle of the disco era, this music had something.  In particular, the “Theme From Livin’ Proof” was kicking enough for me to ask for a promo copy so I could use it in my radio show.  As a matter of fact, a lot of the album could serve as great filler music for disc jockies or sports shows.  The only trouble is, the album didn’t sell like it should have and disco died not long afterwards.

 But the main thing is, the music drew me closer to the guys.  Then after speaking with them on several occasions, as they came and went while making the album, I really enjoyed their company.  I told them if I ever made it big as a DJ I planned on playing their music even if it had to be a “bed” under a commercial or as a theme.  And, while I was a DJ, I did just that…but I never made it “big”.

For the sake of these three guys, I’d like to ask my readers a question.  I still have the LP as evidenced by the picutre, but I’d like to turn it into a CD.  But I don’t have a record player.  How can I get it converted over?


2 Responses to Members of the group: Livin’ Proof

  1. kelly says:

    did u ever find out how to convert the record? and i love ur pics and recollection of the story behind them!my uncle left me pics from studio 54 in his passing but i never met any of the celebs to make a site like u .but im sure something will come to mind.

  2. Sachiko says:

    How interesting. The man on the right of that pic is my father…which makes the man on the far left my Uncle and the guy in the middle, their friend Stan Sheppard. 🙂 Thank you for that story.

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