Steve Trevelese


I first met Steve Trevelese in 1979 when he was the 7-10pm disc jockey on WRLB, 107FM out of Long Branch NJ.  When I knew him back then, for over two years, he was a very upbeat guy and had a firm handle on where he wanted to go.  I found out years later, that “where” was Philadelphia.  I didn’t get to spend any time with him outside of the station, but after working with someone like that, after two years you get to know someone.

It was a bit odd, but years later when I found myself back in NJ, I ran across Steve in a very odd place.  There was a point where every Wednesday I was  surveyor for the Lundberg Survey…the folks who tell us about the gasoline prices throughout the country.  I was driving Southbound on I-295 in between a couple of the stops when I looked over in the next lane and spotted a familiar face behind the wheel of a gold Mercedes Benz…it was Steve!  I pulled him over and in a couple of minutes on the side of the freeway, we caught up.  I told him of how I was driving limos and taxis and he told me that he was a traffic reporter for several stations in Philly while he pursued a stand-up career.

Other than the regret I always had about not staying in radio with Ken Marks, this was another case of regret.  I felt bad as Steve drove off in his Benz, and me in a 5 year old Ford Escort.  I thought…had I only stayed in radio…and that is still behind me.  It’s certainly not Steve’s fault.  It’s mine, I realize that.  I think what kept me from going back into radio are my two fears.  Fear of failure…for obvious reasons, and fear of success.  If I ever found a way to conquer those I would have been back on the air years ago.  This picture of Steve was not taken by me.


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