Members of the group: Livin’ Proof

September 18, 2006


When I first met Vernon Bullock, Stephen Rice, and Sterling Rice I was again at my post at the ABC Recording Studios.  I saw them a different times, and I thought they looked awful young to be recording…I just figured they were helping out someone else with equipment or something.

Then after a while I heard the music coming from upstairs.  Regardless of the fact that the time this all happened was in the middle of the disco era, this music had something.  In particular, the “Theme From Livin’ Proof” was kicking enough for me to ask for a promo copy so I could use it in my radio show.  As a matter of fact, a lot of the album could serve as great filler music for disc jockies or sports shows.  The only trouble is, the album didn’t sell like it should have and disco died not long afterwards.

 But the main thing is, the music drew me closer to the guys.  Then after speaking with them on several occasions, as they came and went while making the album, I really enjoyed their company.  I told them if I ever made it big as a DJ I planned on playing their music even if it had to be a “bed” under a commercial or as a theme.  And, while I was a DJ, I did just that…but I never made it “big”.

For the sake of these three guys, I’d like to ask my readers a question.  I still have the LP as evidenced by the picutre, but I’d like to turn it into a CD.  But I don’t have a record player.  How can I get it converted over?

Steve Trevelese

September 4, 2006


I first met Steve Trevelese in 1979 when he was the 7-10pm disc jockey on WRLB, 107FM out of Long Branch NJ.  When I knew him back then, for over two years, he was a very upbeat guy and had a firm handle on where he wanted to go.  I found out years later, that “where” was Philadelphia.  I didn’t get to spend any time with him outside of the station, but after working with someone like that, after two years you get to know someone.

It was a bit odd, but years later when I found myself back in NJ, I ran across Steve in a very odd place.  There was a point where every Wednesday I was  surveyor for the Lundberg Survey…the folks who tell us about the gasoline prices throughout the country.  I was driving Southbound on I-295 in between a couple of the stops when I looked over in the next lane and spotted a familiar face behind the wheel of a gold Mercedes Benz…it was Steve!  I pulled him over and in a couple of minutes on the side of the freeway, we caught up.  I told him of how I was driving limos and taxis and he told me that he was a traffic reporter for several stations in Philly while he pursued a stand-up career.

Other than the regret I always had about not staying in radio with Ken Marks, this was another case of regret.  I felt bad as Steve drove off in his Benz, and me in a 5 year old Ford Escort.  I thought…had I only stayed in radio…and that is still behind me.  It’s certainly not Steve’s fault.  It’s mine, I realize that.  I think what kept me from going back into radio are my two fears.  Fear of failure…for obvious reasons, and fear of success.  If I ever found a way to conquer those I would have been back on the air years ago.  This picture of Steve was not taken by me.