Ken Marks

For those of you who listened to overnight country music in Las Vegas, NV or those of you who bought Volkswagensin Southern California a couple of years ago, then Ken Marks is indeed a celebrity.

 To me though…Kenny is a friend…he actually should have been my radio partner for the last 19 years if we stuck together like we did when I was in broadcasting school in ’78.  We would have turned radio up side down and been a hit…I know that deep inside…and I’m sure Ken does too.

I have no picture of Ken, although I did have a cell phone number for him a couple of years ago (that’s how I knew he was selling VW’s in either Escondido, CA or Encanitas, CA).  My purpose in adding his name to the list is in the hopes that someone knows of him and can put us back in touch with each other.  The last we talked, he did think he might jump back into radio.  So if anyone knows of Kenny Mitchell Marks…pass on this site and put us in touch….I’d be really grateful.


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