Richard Dean Anderson


It took a considerable amount of time to get confirmation by Richard Dean Andersson’s staff before I could post this.  While attending broadcasting school, another celebrity came by to teach a few classes when I was going through the vocal training.  At that time, if I am not mistaken, Richard Dean Anderson was on General Hospital, before his McGuyver days. It might have been a case of him simply filling in for the normal teacher, because I recall him being there for quite a while…not just once like with Wolf.  And since I saw him so often, I really didn’t care what he did out side of the class, he was a good instructor.

Aside from General Hospital and McGuyver, Richard has also found fame on the StarGate series.  But for me, and several other students at the broadcasting school, his best accomplishment may be what he taught and how he would eventually help turn students into the famous broadcasters they may be today.

Celebrities I’ve Met Podcast – Richard Dean Anderson


3 Responses to Richard Dean Anderson

  1. 3catsmeow4me says:

    Sister In Law here,

    Gee do you know everybody? What about Patrick Swayze, I would like it if you knew him. Ever met him?

  2. Didn’t you hear??? Pat’s going to drop by for a visit this weekend! He and and Sam Elliot and I are going by the Double Duece to listen to a blind guy play some blues and country! I’d invite you along, but Ben Gazarra thinks he owns the town and things might get a litttle rowdy!

    I think I’ve seen that movie so many times that it seems like I should know them all….but no…I haven’t met any of them. Although a lot of people say my voice is deeper than Sam Elliot’s.

    Beef…it’s what’s for dinner.

    If…you can afford it. LOL

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