WolfMan Jack


Out of all the celebrities I’ve met, I don’t think any has had the meaningful, long lasting impression made on me than when I finally got to meet Wolfman Jack.

I first heard Wolf when I was in NJ in 1973, listening to him on WNBC in NYC.  Like him, I grew up in NYC, and was inspired by him to go on to broadcasting school.

In 1978, at his long time friend Jack Brown’s request to come to the broadcasting school I attended, I got to meet Wolf in July of that year.  He came to the Don Martin School Of Communications in Hollywood, CA.

It turns out that weeks before, he was on a flight from the New York area to Los Angeles, CA, and he spent some time with my mom, of all people.  Enough time for my mom to tell Wolf all about me.  Between her and Jack Brown, I will forever be grateful for meeting Wolfman Jack.

When I did get to meet Wolf at the school, I was with several other broadcasting school students and, like I mentioned, Jack Brown, who was not only Wolf’s friend, but also served with Wolf on the Golden West Broadcasters membership board.

After sharing his story at the school, Wolfman Jack signed autographs for everyone.  I felt by then that I didn’t really NEED his autograph, just meeting him and knowing how much we shared in common was enough.  However, as the last few students got their autographs, I found myself leaning on the desk next to Wolf with my hand on an empty ream of copy paper…it’s cardboard backing under my fingers.  So I thought, why not join the rest and get an autograph.

As I handed the piece of cardboard to Wolf, he looked up at me, and said, “I’ve got to think about this, my friend.  I want to make this special for you.”  He brought the pen up to the side of his goutee and thought for a bit and then carefully carved out his autograph to me.  Words I live by since then and always will.

The autograph read:  “When you do right, you come out right.”—Wolfman Jack.

I regret not staying staying in radio.  Life has taken me in so many other directions.  As well, I was very sad to hear that the Wolf passed away when he did back in 1995.  I miss him very much, but I will forever treasure our kinship, brief friendship and always follow his simple but profound advice to me.

Although I never got a picture of him and I taken together back then, I’ve found one that I think captures him as I remember him best.  Unlike all other entries, here I will mention a website that you can visit:


Here’s my podcast:

Celebrities I’ve Met Podcast – Wolfman Jack


One Response to WolfMan Jack

  1. autumn says:

    I always think of American Graffiti when I hear the name Wolfman Jack. I’m glad you got to meet him. As far as the radio, I know you miss not staying and being a dj but Im glad life brought you to me. I love you very much.

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