Ron Howard


As I write this, I cannot be sure of the status of Molly’s Charbroiler, since 1927 it has been a fixture in Hollywood, being right next to what has lately been the Ricardo Montalban Theater.  It was even in the movie “Boiling Point”, having Wesley Snipes enjoying a burger there in a scene.  For a time, Molly’s even had my caricature hanging on it’s back wall.  Probably because I was there almost as much as they were.  Or it least it seemed like it.   But in 1977, the corner of Selma and Vine just South was also the setting for a scene from Ron Howard’s movie, Grand Theft Auto.  It was hit debut film as a film writer.

Again, I was eating at Molly’s, and after I finished my burger, I took my chocolate shake and headed behind Molly’s because it seemed like the filming was pretty much all broken down.  Actually, I was just kind of cutting through the parking lot, to find my way home.  Without knowing who was who or what was going on, I walked over to Ron Howard, not even recognizing who he was at the moment, he looked over at me, with a picture in his hand and said, “Thanks for helping out.”, and then he turned and gave out a few more pictures on his way.  So there I stood in the middle of a parking lot where a Grand Theft Auto scene was filmed, with a shake and an autographed picture of Ron Howard after he personally thanked me for all I did.  Let me think…I wasn’t in the scene, I never worked on the movie, all I did was walk through the parking lot, and I got to be part of the crew.  Who was I to complain?  

Hind sight being 20-20, I should have handed him the shake, and then years later sued him for all the back “royalties” for all the “work” I did on the movie!  LOL.  Seriously though, it was again a very strange way to do it, but Ron Howard was a celebrity I’ve met.


2 Responses to Ron Howard

  1. autumn says:

    Cool. That means somewehre in our closet amoung all the junk is a picture of Opie!

  2. 3catsmeow4me says:

    You meet Ron Howard. Thats cool!

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