Tito Jackson


Another post I worked at was the ABC Recording Studios which was located in West Los Angeles, CA.  There I got to see several celebrities, but to me they were just people I saw every day.

Disco was big back then and there was a new group that, as I heard them, I thought they were pretty good.  The group was called Livin’ Proof, a trio made up of Vernon Bullock, and brothers Steven and Sterling Rice.  Their only album was the self titled Livin’ Proof.  Tito Jackson did some behind the scenes work on the album, mainly his great guitar work, and even did some back up singing.  Since the album was recorded at ABC Recording Studios, I actually ran into Tito quite a number of times.  Most often I saw him at the back entrance to the studio, at my guard post, a small desk.  I never did get a picture of him back then, this picture shows about what he looks like now.


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