David Soul and Paul Michael Glaser


Again, the scene is set at Molly’s Charbroiler.  I guess you could say that I was oblivious to everything around me while I was eating.   Well, to say that I ran into the original Starsky and Hutch in an alley would be lying.  They literally ran into ME.  I was in Hollywood, having just finished a Mollyburger next to the then Huntington Hartford Theater, when I collected my broadcasting school books and headed North on Vine to Hollywood Blvd intending on heading west to LaBrea where the school was. 

I didn’t make it 10 feet past the stool in font of Molly’s when the two TV detective, David Soul and Paul Michael Glaser came bolting out of the thin alley between Molly’s and the theater next door.  I got spun around, my books hit the sidewalk, I heard somebody yell “Cut!”.  I’m not sure if there’s actually film of me at the end of that alley, or if the director got what he needed without me being part of it, but things came to a halt.  I found myself embarrassingly and mistakenly in the middle of an episode of Starsky and Hutch. There was David Soul grabbing my shoulders my shoulders, asking me, “You alright, kid?”.  I was too startled to do anything more than apologize myself. I said, “Sorry, I just finished a Mollyurger, I had no idea you guys were here filming.”  David Soul said, “Don’t worry about it, kid.  I’m sure they’ll want to do a few more takes anyway.”  And Paul said, “Yeah…at least you got to eat.  We’ve got to run down this alley a few more times before we get to eat.”  

It wasn’t until much later at the school that I realized I busted up a scene of Starsky and Hutch!  I never even thought to ask for autographs or anything.  Imagine being in Hollywood and hoping to run into a couple of stars.  Then imagine how I felt, literally being run INTO by a couple of them. 

Celebrities I’ve Met Podcast – David Soul Paul Michael Glaser


2 Responses to David Soul and Paul Michael Glaser

  1. ann tempel says:

    I was in our local mall on the day of a Randy Travis, Alan Jackson. Alan was a newcomer and not well known at the time. Anyway there he was standing alone in a very small shoestore in the mall. He wore a baseball hat (on backwards). So I got brave and went in and said hello. I was so nervous. He was so nice and polite. But I was so shook, I can’t remember what was said. They he strolled around the mall, sat and ate a pizza at the food court . No one recognized him. Then I followed him as he left the mall and opened the door for him. Introduced him to my husband and he shook his hand. Then my Daughter and I went to his concert that evening and he was wonderful. I think I am still three feet off the ground from meeting him and that has been fourteen years ago. Got his autograph (on my checking account deposit slip. I was so excited===it was the first thing I found in my purse.

  2. That’s a cool Alan Jackson story. I had a similar experience a few years ago when Alan Jackson played at the Virginia Beach Ampitheater. When I attended the concert we sat just behind a guy who I swore was non other than Charlie Daniels! And when we got home from the concert, our neighbor told me that he used to drive truck for the band and Charlie did come by and pay him a visit. For cryin’ out loud…he was 10 feet away from me twice on the same day and I missed him both times! LOL

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