Machine Gun (MG) Kelly


While working at the same condominium as Marilu Henner, I often saw MG Kelly.  This was close to 25 years ago and I remember them being together a lot.  I don’t think they actually lived together, but they lived close by each other, on the same floor if I recall.

Many of his fans where thrilled when MG stepped it up, jumping from his long career in radio into TV and movies.  The Internet Movie Data Base has him credited with being the announcer on Wheel Of Fortune in the late 80’s, and being on shows like CHiPs, Fantasy Island, WKRP, and Barnaby Jones.  His own website had him credited with also being on MASH. Lately you can find him on the radio dial doing one of his sydicated broadcasts.

I got to interact with him occassionally at his home…at the condo as opposed to a work environment.  If I’m not mistaken, the MG in MG Kelly really stands for Michael Gene, not Machine Gun.  After I got to know him, I always called him “Gunner”.  However, I can tell you since I attended broadcasting school and had a big interest in radio, it was great to be able to talk with him on any level.  However, most of the time it was about radio.

Celebrities I’ve Met Podcast – MG (Machine Gun) Kelly


2 Responses to Machine Gun (MG) Kelly

  1. PEA says:

    Oh wow, I’m so glad Autumn let me know about your blog…I didn’t realize it was all about the celebrities you met!! That’s a subject very close to my heart because I’ve been collecting celebrity autographed photos since I was 14 years old and have over 3,000 in my collection now. If you’d like to see a sample of them, go to my web site at and click on the link for Autographed Pictures. To this day I still try to find addresses where I can write them and request a photo:-) It’s a fun hobby!! When I have a bit more time, I’ll come back to your blog and catch up on all your stories about the various celebritites you’ve met:-)

  2. I have only a handful of autographs, and right off the top of my head, the only two I can think of that I have for sure are Muhammad Ali and Paul Anka. I never even got a picture of Paul, either.

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