Christopher Lloyd


I’d like to stretch it a little bit here, because this can’t be confirmed.  I went to a broadcasting school in Hollywood, CA from 1977 to 1978.  While there, one of my fellow students often came dressed like Christopher Lloyd is shown in this picture from Taxi.  Not only did this person look just like him, he acted a lot like the “Reverend Jim Ignatowski” as well.  Now, since the set of the show was not that far away, and it does make sense that Christopher Lloyd might want to brush up on some of his vocal skills, I’d like to think that the person I knew as Chuck Coleman actually was Christopher Lloyd.

Like I said, it’s stretching things a bit here for this one, but if there was anyone who knew Chuck and/or Chris back then and could verify this, it would be great.  At the time I met his fellow Taxi cast member Marilu Henner, it was a different time and place, and Chris or Chuck never did come up in any conversations.  But based on my memory from then, now if you had to put them side by side, if they were differnt people, they could almost be twins. Therefore could very well be another celebrity I’ve met.

Celebrities I’ve Met Podcast – Christopher Lloyd


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