Betty White and Allen Ludden


Having been around the theater all through high school where I did lighting, it was a thrill to see a Sondheim show at the then Huntington Hartford Theater.

Even better was the seat that I got from Ernest Thomas.  It was just about 5 or 6 rows back from dead center stage, and one row in front of me, slightly to the right were none other than Betty White and her husband Allen Ludden.  Of course I recognized them both, but felt embarrassed to introduce myself because of the way I was dressed.

The late Allen Luidden is most famous for hosting the original Password and several other game shows on TV, but he has also been on The Love Boat, Fantasy Island, Banacek, Batman, and even The Milton Berle Show.   Betty White had her own self titled show twice, once in the 50’s, then again in the 70’s after she was on the Mary Tyler Moore Show.  Of course, many now remember her from her time with the Golden Girls.

I don’t know if they talked about their theater experience that night,  but I can only imagine how they discussed the young man who dared going to the theater in the blue jeans overalls that day.  Not exactly a very personal interaction….but it was close enough.

 Celebrities I’ve Met Podcast – Betty White Allen Ludden 


3 Responses to Betty White and Allen Ludden

  1. 3catsmeow4me says:

    Wow, who haven’t you met? Your lucky. Ummm…I met Kenny Chesney and Faith Hill once. Very cool blog by the way. You have some reay interesting stories.

  2. REAY interesting? I thought that was a reaLLy good way of expressing that! Who haven’t I met? Perhaps your spell checker. It seems like you haven’t met them either. HA HA.

  3. autumn says:

    Don’t pick on her….she is a bad speeler like me (speller) lol

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