Richard Dawson


The first time I set foot on the stage of the original Family Fued it was a dark stage.  No people, just “normal” lighting.  Without the signs being lit up it was different, but still very cool.  The carpeting had that “brand new carpet” smell to it and it made me wonder how often they changed it.

It wasn’t until a few days later, while doing one of the key tours on the Prospect Lot at ABC Television Center did I run into Richard Dawson in the hall.  I greeted him politely saying, “Hello, Mr. Dawson.”  He commented back, “I see you’re making the rounds.  Everything ok so far?”.  I had two or three encounters like that in the buildings on the Prospect Lot with Richard Dawson.  Simple, polite encounters, nothing special.  But still, he was another celebrity I’ve met.

Celebrities Ive Met Podcast – Richard Dawson


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