Jack Soo


Many of the pictures taken of Jack Soo were done on the set of Barney Miller, or at the very least, in those days.  Then he was much older.  I believe this picture captures his personality best.  Jack played Detective Nick Yemana on the show.  As I mentioned in the entry on Max Gail, Jack was the real “villan” behind the bad coffee on the Barney Miller set.  I know because I saw him do it myself.  He didn’t see me.  But, even if he did see me, I wouldn’t have said anything.  His appearance was very unassuming, his character on the show was, like Fish, almost disgusted. However,  Jack used that appearance to his favor and was actually quite playful.  Both on and off the set.  It was a kind of humor that you don’t see coming (becuase of his unassuming nature), but it will keep you in stiches once you realize what he’s done to you.

Jack Soo has long since passed on, but his spirit lives on in the old episodes of Barney Miller.  If there is an after-life for playful souls, Jack is there.

Celebrities I’ve Met Podcast – Jack Soo


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