Florence Stanley


Both on the sets of Barney Miller and Fish again, I also encountered the late Florence Stanley.  She played Fish’s wife Bernice. From what I remember of the few times we actually got to talk, she was very nice.  During those times we did get to speak it was mainly passing her in the hallways after rehearsals or occaisionally on the set where she was focused on what she had to do, so I really didn’t get to talk to her much.  And from those few occasions, I found that no matter how brief the encounter, you can still create meaningful memories.  Well, meaningful enough for me to remember her, even if she never did remember me.

At the time I worked on those sets, I really didn’t think twice about the fact that the people I worked with were legitamate celebrities.  I treated them the way I wanted to be treated, and thought of them more as co-workers than stars.  I thought if I started collecting autographed pictures of each of them that I ran across, especially  in that kind of environment, I’d run out of room to store them all.  So, many of these early entries are pictures that I found somewhere on the Internet, like this on of Florence.  As I go on, I’ll use pictures that I actually took myself or had taken of me and whomever.  That way you can plainly tell they were celebrities I’ve met.

Celebrities I’ve Met Podcast – Florence Stanley


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