Stan Bahnsen


I have had the oportunity to meet a lot of celebrities, so I thought I’d take this space to drop some names.  These are actual interpersonal contacts I had with each person as opposed to…for an example…going to a Billy Joel concert at PJ Ruggles in Spring Lake, NJ.  I saw Billy, but didn’t actually speak with him, or interact with him.  I’ll try and tell a story and/or include a picture of them as I go along.

Growing up, my dad took my brothers and me to several baseball games at Yankee Stadium.  I won’t mention every member of the teams, but I am glad that I got to see the likes of Mickey Mantle, Roy White, Reggie Jackson, etc.  But it wasn’t until we were watching a home game on TV at home that I noticed the starting pitcher had the same last name as my grandmother only it was spelled differently.

Two things happened then.  It started my mom on a life long quest on geaneology and it also enabled us to eventually meet Stan Bahnsen.  His ancestors and mine are from a small island in the Northern-most part of Germany called Slesvig-Holstein.  The island in question has had it’s ownership transfered between Germany and Denmark over the years.

In any case, my brothers, my dad and I traveled down to Washington, DC to watch the Yankees play in an away game with the Senators in 1968 on the 4th of July and I got to actually shake Stan’s hand on the walkway to the clubhouse, we got to talk to him for several minutes and explain who we were.  After that, we never heard from him again.  It’s not like we were 1st cousins.  It was more like 42nd cousins.  But that pretty much had to be the first celebrity I met.  I never dreamed that there would be hundreds to follow.

Celebrities I’ve Met Podcast – Stan Bahnsen


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