Rose Stanley


I’ve searched the web for several years trying to find a picture of this next celebrity and finally found one!  Rose Stanley started out at Futurevision Cable TV doing the local news.  I was 16, she was just a bit older, and a beautiful woman, inside and out.  To me she was always upbeat, professional, and fun to be around…but I never did tell her how beautiful I thought she was.  I was too young and naive.

She went on to be a TV reporter and anchorwoman at KAKE TV in Wichita, KS and in the mid 1980’s conducted an interview with then President Reagan, that’s where Google has refereneces to her.  However, many in the area will remember that Rose was named as a target by the infamous BTK Killer.   To many in NJ and thousands in Kansas, she was a true celebrity.  To me, she was a friend and someone to look up to.  I know she’s not at KAKE anymore, and heard that she was with American Express for a while and also was or is still with Hoover.  Side note to this entry…the podcast is not updated yet.

Celebrities I\’ve Met Podcast – Rose Stanley


5 Responses to Rose Stanley

  1. Dennis Czechanski says:

    I work with Rose at KAKE-TV from 1976 thru 1979…I even attended her wedding.

  2. Bill Maranto says:

    Hi Otherbrother,

    Great article about Rose. I worked at Futurevision with you, Rose, Larry, and Bruce.

    Get in touch with me and I’ll send pictures of us back then.

    • Rose says:

      Oh my gosh! Bill Maranto!

      What great memories I have of you, Larry, Gene,
      Angelo, Dean, Emmy & all the others @ FutureVision.

      I’d love to see some old pictures of the bunch of us. Remember the night the studio camera crashed on its lens – LIVE- during Angelo’s Lucky Cable show? The night the dog kept jumping off the table and knocking down all the displays while I was doing a commercial for 3M?
      And the night the goat kept doing splite on the slick studio floor – LIVE- while I was doing the Kids’ Co-OP show?

      Hilarious stuff, incredibly good memories. how ’bout throwing peanut shells at each other over at The Ground Round?

      I saw Larry briefly at my dad’s funeral about 5 years ago. He looks good and is married now & living back in his hometown in NJ.

      Bring on the pictures!

  3. Bill Maranto says:

    Hi Rose,

    I can’t tell you how great it is to hear from you again and thank you Dean for making it possible.

    I’ve worked in broadcasting for over 39 years and can honestly say FutureVision
    was the best job I ever had, except for that time when I got hit in the eye with something at The Ground Round restaurant.

    Rose and Dean, write to me at and I’ll send the pictures.

    Look forward to hearing from both of you.

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    […]Rose Stanley « Celebrities I’ve Met[…]…

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