Melanie is Melanie Safka.  She’s most famous for her song from the 70’s called “Brand New Key”.  But to me, she was more of a familiar face than a distant celebrity.  That’s because her dad owned an artist supply store in the Monmouth Mall.  I was in there a lot, as was Melanie.  I was in there with hopes that I could be like my youngest brother, who has a gift for drawing.  Melanie, I’d have to bet, was there because she wanted to be near her dad.  We did speak occaissionaly, and frankly it never dawned on me back then that she was a “big time recording artist”.   I can bet now that it’s been over 30 years later, I’m sure she wouldn’t remember me, but I do remember her and her dad’s store the Rainbow’s End.  If you live in the area of the Monmouth Mall, don’t bother looking for the store, it’s no longer in business at the mall.  The only things left are Melanie, me, and this story of another celebrity I’ve met.

Celebrities I’ve Met Podcast – Melanie


One Response to Melanie

  1. don says:

    Melanie’s family did have an art supply store at the monmouth mall but it wasn’t called The Rainbow’s End. The Rainbow’s End was a gift shop (I worked there in the mid 70s) . I don’t remember the name of the art store.

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