Angelo Lombardo

So sorry, my next entry doesn’t have a picture either.  Angelo Lombardo was the sales manager at FutureVision cable TV.  He was in charge of bringing in all the new business to the station.  He was also the host of the “Lucky Cable” Bingo show on the same station as Rose Stanley…as a matter of fact, he came on right after her.  The game show had those who tuned in to the show play BINGO on cards that the cable TV station provided to locations throughout the coverage area.  As the show aired, those who participated from home would win prizes if they could prove they won by spelling out C-A-B-L-E instead of B-I-N-G-O.  It was a great publicity idea, and between Angelo and myself as “RADAR” (playing music on the TV for kids in the afternoons) we increased the subscriber rate of the station by 33%!! 

Angelo left Futurevision in the early months of 1976 before I did, and he wound up in Pinetop, AZ.  I heard tell that for a time he was or maybe still IS a hairdresser in that town.  I can’t confirm it.  All I know is that in 1976, when Larry Watson and I traveled across the country so Larry could do still photography for show business and I could get my broadcasting degree from the same school that Don Imus went to, Larry and I made a videotape called “Search For A Contemporary American”, where we made up a story to find Angelo as we traveled across the country.  Then we sent the tape back to Futurevision.  It was a lot of fun to make.

To many folks in the Eastern part of Monmouth County, Angelo was indeed a celebrity.  Even though I lost touch with him after we met him in Pinetop, AZ, based on what kind of person I knew him to be, I can guarantee you that he just had to be a celebrity in Pinetop, as well.

Despite our age differences, like Rose Stanley, I could easily call Angelo a friend..whatever his celebrity status may be.

Note to my readers, I may have “stretched” it a bit for the last couple of entries, but stay tuned….the names get more familiar and the “stars” shine even brighter.



One Response to Angelo Lombardo

  1. Krista Lombardo says:

    Wow… this was truly amazing to find. I am his daughter. I happened to find this on google today.

    Thank you so much for writing such a nice story about my dad. I hope this reaches the right person to know how happy this made me feel.

    Thank you,
    Krista Lombardo

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